IRM UK Testimonials

Red Arrow Public Seminar Testimonials

Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Foundation for Zachman Certification
John Zachman

"John Zachman gave me an excellent insight into the way EA practitioners think and operate, enabling me to express an organisation (as business architecture models) in their language."
Matthew Brown, Managing Director, Proforma UK Ltd

"The enthusiasm, energy and breadth of experience remain, as ever, infectious and mesmerising. Your continued support for John over the last few years is clearly appreciated and probably instrumental in his continuing to return to the UK. Further workshop and/or seminar opportunities are eagerly anticipated. This week has been money very well spent."
Rob Austen, Managing Director, Austen Consultancy Services Ltd

"The explanation of the framework itself and the meaning of the components were most helpful."
Andreja Korosec Rebula, Consultant, IPMIT d.o.o.

"Excellent first hand explanation. Very powerful."
Marco van Leeuwen, Process Architect, Van Lanschot Bankiers

"Many wide ranging examples to demonstrate why. Engaging and entertaining."
Andre Gauthier, Technical Consultant, Gauthier Services

"Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Passionate."
Simon Bathie, Group IS Programme Plan Manager, MBDA UK

"Engaging and charismatic."
Mark Luxton, Systems Manager, Bank of Scotland Treausry

"He designed the Framework. Nobody can deliver the same quality of lecture as John."
Kitty Hung, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Metropolitan Police Service

"Very enthusiastic which helps deliver the message successfully."
David Bowley, Technical Architect - Applications, ING Direct

Nandni Shivahare, Information Architecture Manager, PITO

"An excellent overview of the subject matter."
Gareth Mitchell, Senior Consultant, dunnhumby

"Excellent, informative, interesting and challenging."
Paul Downs, Head of IT Infrastructure, Carphone Warehouse

"John Zachman presents a very compelling argument, that is, every organisation needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive."
Jane Stewart, BT Cellnet

"An excellent and inspiring seminar - we will return to work and start immediately. I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm."
David Harrison, Senior Consultant, Ordnance Survey

"An excellent course. All CEOs and CIOs should attend."
Morag Clark, Data Architecture Manager, Severn Trent Water

Understanding Enterprise Architecture: Structure, Domains, Disciplines, Value
Mike Rosen

"One of the big benefits of the IRM course was that Mike is very much a practicing Enterprise Architect and had a wealth of real case studies and examples to reference in the various stages of the course. This is very important for me when looking at training like this as text and theory only just doesn't do it for training at this level."
Conal Markey, Solution Architect, Kainos

Ten Steps to Data Quality
Danette McGilvray

"Very easy to follow and apply to the work/challenges that I am going to face. Danette was great at using every day experiences and relating them to data quality. A great presenter who is open to new ideas irrespective of being in Data Quality for over 20 years."
Naomi Thomas, Data Quality Analyst,

"Excellent from a management perspective. A good lecturer. Everything said was clear."
Beibit Baktygaliyev, Application Support, Chevron

"The course has helped me put into perspective and break down the areas of data quality that should fall under investigation in any project - the steps methodology ensures you have captured all the areas that affect data quality completely."
Eirini Basta, Local Data Steward, Business Systems, HEINEKEN UK Limited

Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Warehousing
Rick van der Lans

"Rick was well informed and managed the group very well. The examples were great. I will recommend this to other architects on my team. This was a great course. Well paced and Rick kept it light interesting."
Deepti Chidambaram, Information Architect, Transport for London

"Hugely engaging."
Gary Connolly, Head of Business Intelligence, Ascenden

Enterprise Cloud Computing
Jason Bloomberg

"It provided a great deal of information about many facets of cloud computing and the primary market players."

Ron Baillie, Enterprise Architect, Tullow Oil plc

SOA: Technology, Products & Best Practices for Designing SOAs
Rick van der Lans

"Very good speaker. Articulate and knowledgeable."
Douglas Liddell, Solution Architect, EDS

"Excellent lecturing style with right balance between light hearted and serious."
John Welsh, Technical Architect, Serco

"Very good. Good pace. Knowledgeable. Good examples."
Nick Ouston, Business Analyst Team Manager, BAA

"Very knowledgeable, created easy atmosphere and added humour!"
Heather McCracken, Software Research Engineer, NCR

"Very detailed info about SOA technologies. Very knowledgeable and humorous."
William Hutton, SO2 Information Integration, CSDC

New Technologies and Architectures for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Rick van der Lans

"Attendance at the seminar is essential for anybody looking for advice, direction or best practice for BI and DW projects. The speaker was extremely knowledgeable about his speciality subject and I now feel armed with unbiased and useful information that will really help my projects and decision making going forward."
Guy Harvey, Compass Group Plc

Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass
Ron Ross

"Interactive. Listens. Provides real life examples."
Colin Woods, Technical Architect, Virgin Mobile

Building and Using a Business Process Architecture
Roger Burlton

"The course was excellent. It has greatly broadened my knowledge of Business Process Architecture."
Dr Colin Hand, Information Architect

"Excellent course. Roger really is an expert in this field and the course provided the right balance of theory and practical examples. There was lots of interaction to help you practice the techniques and some real quick wins you can take and use straight away."
Wendy Gell, Principal Business Analyst, Skandia

"Good speaker. Excellent expertise and usability. Top conference!"
Matthieu Maeselle, Process Analyst, Belgian Railways

"Excellent overview of business process management. (Speaker was) very knowledgeable with lots of examples based on experience."
Corrine Thomas, Global Business Analyst, Vodafone Group

"Excellent insight given, level of detail was as suggested in the publicity brochure and met my expectations/needs."
John Godfrey, Operations Manager, Black Horse

"Provided extremely relevant and pragmatic advice. Roger Burlton has an excellent combination of knowledge and experience."
Tim Tayler, Process Model Manager, Ministry of Defence

"Superb- kept audience attention for 100% of the time. Very logical and practical. Very methodical and easy to follow."
Alistair Masson, Business Process Analysis, Vodafone Corporate Limited.

"An excellent thought evoker. An active, enthusiastic approach."

Michael Robertson, Business Systems Analyst, Sun Direct

"Extremely relevant. I gained full understanding, Roger fully explained the material."
D Morse, Customer Services Manager, HSBC (Midland Life)

Mastering the Requirements Process
Suzanne Robertson, James Robertson, James Archer

"James Archer was excellent, knowledgeable and approachable. One hundred per cent of the content was relevant. The seminar exceeded my expectations."

Kieran Neeson, Business Analyst, Waters

"Very detailed and comprehensive. Very knowledgeable, clear and excellent at getting ideas across."

Mike Wood, Project Manager, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

"Very knowledgeable, confident and plenty of opportunity for audience participation."

Sarah Lyne, Head of Project Services, UK & EU, Goodman

"Excellent lecturer with a good background. Very good content with a lot of examples and illustrations."

Mr Abdulaziz Almajed, IT Development Manager, Qiyas

"I attended the Mastering the Requirement course after recommendations by colleagues. I was particularly interested in finding out more about the Volere approach. I found the trainer helped to embed the theory into workplace scenarios in a very practical way. There were a range of backgrounds among the delegates, including myself who is not from a software development background but I still found elements that I could take away and have been using in my day to day work since."
Zoë Britt, Research and Communications Manager, GeoPlace

"The course, and our instructor James Robertson were fantastic. Actually the point is that James is not just an instructor delivering a generic course syllabus, he and Suzanne authored the text book, and designed the course but, most importantly, they have real world experience helping countless organisations to master the difficult process of gathering, analysing and documenting requirements. Myself and my team came back from the course filled with enthusiasm and ideas of how to improve - testament to the course and James! I would recommend this course without hesitation."
Nick Collins, First Rate

"Inspirational. Able to provide lots of examples to demonstrate theories and practices."
Zoey Moore, Business Project Manager, Aegon UK Services

"Good mix of lectures and workshops. Never felt bored - time flew. Very easy to listen to and obviously 'knew his stuff'".
Sharon Sane, Business Analyst, Aegon UK Services

"The seminar was a mind opener for me. I started to use some of the seminar teachings the day after and I keep wondering at the enormous difference it makes in my daily job. For the first time in 20 years, I feel in control of client requirements and from there the full project lifecycle!"
Francois-Pierre Moriceau, IT Solutions Architect, Orange Business Services

"Suzanne's experience and enthusiasm was infectious!"
Eve Finney, Business Analyst, ING Direct

"'Superb! Really well paced and easy to understand."
Peter Herring, Systems Analyst, Capstone Mortgage Services

"The flow followed that of the requirements process, was easy to relate to and follow."
Tom Jacobs, Business Analyst, Lloyds TSB

"Very informative, lots of relevant stories, very knowledgeable."
Emma Temple, Business Change Analyst, Capstone Mortgage Services

"Lively, knowledgeable, articulate - absolutely excellent."
Steve Coe, Requirements & Testing Manager, Department of Work & Pensions

"One of the best!"
Helena Bone, Senior Business Analyst, HBOS General Insurance

"Good theory, loaded up with solid practical experience. Excellently communicated and paced."
Ian James, Principal Consultant, Ordnance Survey

"Informative, practical, thought provoking. (Speaker was) knowledgeable, excellent communicator, able to make things real."
Iche Otonti, IT Consultant, Qiaow td

The Corporate Strategy for IT
Chris Potts

"Met all of my objectives. Very clear expectations."
Gordon Barnett, CTO, LCH Clearnet

"Highly professional and interactive, driving very good discussions."
Stephane Chatal, IS Global Programs Director, Reckitt Benckiser

"Intense. Thought provoking!"
Iain Roy, General Manager, Service Management, Nuffield Hospitals

"Exceeded my expectations."
Rob Brown, IT Infrastructure Development & Strategy Manager, Insight Investment

"Very good seminar, added a lot more value to my thought process than expected."
Kshipra Singhvi, Head of Business Applications, British Council

"The seminar exceeded my expectations."
Nigel Zaldua-Taylor, Head of IS Strategy, Centrica

Working with the Business: Consulting Skills for IT Professionals
Graeme Simsion

"Clear thoughts and clear delivery. Points supported by examples well."
Deepak Shukla, Business Analyst, Tata Consulting Services

DW 2.0: Next Generation of Data Warehousing
Bill Inmon

"Very clear and crisp. The best ever lecture I have ever been to on data warehousing topic."
Sridhar Somaraju, Enterprise Architect, Barclays Bank

"Thank you for sharing your great experience."
Laurent Cabrit, Manager, Accenture

Data Modelling Fundamentals
Steve Hoberman

"The seminar was conducted very well. The instructor made the classes very interesting and lively. A fantastic teacher."

Sirajudeen Samsudeen

"I found the course content, structure and pace perfect. Steve's presentation style & charisma make the experience an extremely enjoyable one. Thanks a million."

Alex Dokter, Information Architect, Scottish Water Technology & Innovation

"I thought the course was very worthwhile. It brought a new perspective to Data Modelling and Steve Hoberman is a natural teacher. He used analogies from real life, such as the settings on a camera, that made all of the examples easy to understand and remember. The Masterclass is a natural follow on to the Fundamentals class and, unlike other courses, time wasn't wasted going over old ground from the previous two days. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to breath new life into their data modelling skills."

Sara-Louise Ewen, Data Governance Manager, ACCA

"This course was what I needed to get up to speed on Data Modelling. From scratch to advance in 4 days, Steve Hoberman is very passioned about his work, and is able to get that across to the audience."
Chris Prins, British American Tobacco

"The course was enjoyable and informative and I found the relaxed atmosphere in which it was conducted helped my learning."
Brian White, Implementation Manager, Land Registry

"Excellent communication style, humour, informal but very knowledgeable. Best speaker on any training course that I have been on."
Steve Ruane, Data Modeler, Co-Operative Bank

"Excellent for building foundation knowledge on data modelling. Excellent presenter. Kept the focus of the presentation."
Veronica Suta, BI & DW Consultant, Oracle Romania

"Very interactive. Captured the attention."
Laurence Maillet, Systems Engineer, National Bank of Belgium

"Steve's expertise and enthusiasm made it a great course."
Nicola Askham, Senior Consultant, Glue Reply

"Excellent seminar. Interesting and fun."
Tracy Denley, Analyst, Land Registry

"Excellent seminar. A great introduction to data modeling techniques and issues."
Steve Hursell, Data Quality Officer, Metropolitan Police

"Best instructor of any course I have ever been on."
Trish Daniells, Designer, The AA

"Kept it interesting and explained things clearly."
Joanna Pyke, Data Quality Officer, MET Police

"Exceeded my expectations."
Margaret Gemmell, Application Support Specialist, Salford University

Data Modelling Masterclass
Steve Hoberman

"The opening example on leverage using data model was fantastic. Steve is an awesome teacher; He uses lots of analogues, personal examples to keep the classes lively. I am so impressed with the Data Model Scorecard and the entire class structures around it ."

Sirajudeen Samsudeen

"I thought the course was very worthwhile. It brought a new perspective to Data Modelling and Steve Hoberman is a natural teacher. He used analogies from real life, such as the settings on a camera, that made all of the examples easy to understand and remember. The Masterclass is a natural follow on to the Fundamentals class and, unlike other courses, time wasn't wasted going over old ground from the previous two days. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to breath new life into their data modelling skills ."

Sara-Louise Ewen, Data Governance Manager, ACCA

"An extremely interesting and engaging course - I enjoyed it immensely! You are a very gifted trainer and managed through your enthusiasm for the subject and interesting anecdotes, to make the course a very enjoyable experience."
Jonathan J Hall, Data Analyst, HSBC Bank Plc

"IRM courses are always taught by top professionals. In this case it was Steve Hoberman for the Data Modelling Masterclass. Even though I am a seasoned data modeler I walked out of the course with new techniques and concepts to aid in my daily work activities. Steve Hoberman is indeed an international thought leader in this area and I recommend his classes highly."
Angelo R Bobak, Director, Business Intelligence, Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc.

"Steve was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, humourous and a great instructor."
Jacqueline Tomlinson, Data Analyst, Pension Protection Fund

"Excellent speaker. Used various examples. Good stuff."
Adebukonla Onabadejo, NSPIS Custody System Analyst, National Policing Improvement Agency

Information Quality Improvement
Larry English

"Extremely knowledgeable on topic and explains it really well."
Ann Brigdale, Data Quality Lead Specialist, Nationwide Building Society

"Great energy & enthusiasm - never flagged."
Rachel Ware, Quality Analyst, Reuters Data

"Excellent content, relevant, clear and well delivered. Knows his subject matter inside out."
Darrel Green, Asset Catalogue Manager, Infraco BCV

"Very good - great use of real life examples to relate to. Inspiring!"
Vicki Smith, Senior Quality Analyst, Reuters

"Animated, informed, captivating and personable. Very good."
John Barnes, Consultant, Popkin Software Systems

"A very clear explanation of how to improve IQ straight from the beginning of IQ projects"
G Walter, MIS Analyst, Europay Int

Sarina Viljoen

"Sarina was very articulate, with a great set of experience. She brought out the best of the class."
Prince Matambanadzo, Information Manger, EDF Energy

"I thought that the course covered the material to be studied well and this was aided by the instructor's ability to use her experience to put the material into context."
Keith Nowell, Solution Design (Entertainment), Technology Platforms, British Sky Broadcasting Ltd

Selvyn Wright

"Selvyn is capable of delivering the dry theory of TOGAF in an enthusiastic, humorous and effective way."

Øystein Sæle, Senior IT Architect, Marin IT

"Enthusiastic, brought a lot of colour to the course. Brought stories, practical experience. Funny and entertaining."

Steven O'Donoghue, Senior Principal Solution Implementation Consultant, SAS UK

"I found the course to be very productive with a lot of information to take in within a short timeframe, the teacher was very good and he kept my interest throughout the day by giving a good mix of speaking and ourselves listening and also class activities in which we all went away in groups to carry out mini projects which we presented back to the teacher and class. The teacher also made the course interesting because he used real life scenarios to illustrate the various stages of TOGAF and he also periodically tested us throughout the day on what we had learnt so far."
Iqbal Mohammed, Senior Solution Implementation Consultant, SAS

Working with Business Processes
Alec Sharp

"The content of the course was perfect for me, I gained clarity on business process, triggers and results. Alec made the learning fun with a great blend of humour, involvement and time for reflection. The seminar was well structured and it flowed end to end. I had heard that Alec was a great presenter and I was not disappointed. I am about to commence a process driven change programme so I will be recommending my colleagues attend the seminar."
Malcolm Priestner, Senior Business Analyst, Met Office

"Quite simply the best seminar/training I have been on. Used techniques I’ve never seen used before to engage the audience, keep us entertained, help us learn and understand and ... make us laugh. His ability to remember names, our stories and questions is second to none – impressive! I was expecting great things and it delivered."
Susan Allan, Business Systems Manager, Wood Group PSN

"Enthusiastic, energetic, engaging, passionate, knowledgeable."
Emma McKean, Business Change Coordinator, DRS

"Excellent. Best seminar ever attended. Outstanding, engaging, knowledgeable, inspiring."
Stella Reynard, Business Analyst, Aveva

"The course was excellent. Great balance between theory and practice, examples, practical tips and techniques."
Aurelia Kulawiak, Business Change Manager, Hampshire County Council

"The workshop was extremely useful and interesting: Alec Sharp taught us techniques to work with business processes in a very understandable way, with lots of tips and practicable principles. His enthusiasm and sense of humour are contagious and made the class real fun too. "
Simona Gilardi, S Gilardi GmbH

"An engaging and informative coaching session, presented by a world-class expert, packed full of practical advice which I could start applying the very next day. Well recommended!"
Steven Price, Senior Solution Architect, Griffiths Waite

"Excellent! Great knowledge and teaching style."
Peter Jarvis, JP Morgan, Executive Director - Lead Business Architect

"Alec Sharp's 'Working with Business Processes' seminar is highly engaging, insightful and informative. It is applicable to all business roles, ranging from front-line to senior executive, due to its pragmatic approach to define, design and implement workflow and process improvement at all organizational levels to facilitate business transformation. The seminar also explores the fundamentals of business process analysis in correlation to organizational strategy, change and performance management which results in a holistic understanding of linkages and interdependencies. I recommend this seminar unequivocally."
Navneet Bhandal, Principal, Paradigm Change Consulting Inc

Mastering Business Analysis
James Archer

"It was a very enjoyable course which James did a great job in presenting. The flow of the course was very well put together, it walked you through the different types of modeling tools that could be used to help understand the business you were trying to design. It explained when and why you should use the different modeling tools to help understand the business and define the Stakeholders. It was a very interactive where you were encouraged to ask questions and put your own ideas forward on the examples given. There were several workshops where you were able to use the different models you had learnt to design a specific business, which you then presented to the rest of the class explaining your reasoning for your design."

Charles Cooper, Senior Business Analyst, HP

"Very interesting and confirmed my beliefs of what a BA should be doing."
Kelly Newnham, Business Analyst, Scottish & Southern Energy

"Very good explanations when questions aired. Lots of real life examples too."
Claire Pearson, Business Process Analyst, AQA

Successfully Aligning Business and IT
Jeroen Derynck

"A well presented seminar. Adding value to developing practical alignment approaches, provoking thought, and giving excellent tools and learning to take home with. Very professionally conducted."
Mr Timo Koponen, CIO, Altia Plc

"A lively and enlightening seminar that revealed some very practical tips on aligning IT to the business. I learnt some effective ways that business and IT can work together towards a single goal of creating solutions that add value. This seminar exceeded my expectations."
Leighton Keenan, ICT Manager, Bron Afon Community Housing

"Very good. Showed me some new management tools."
Phil Adams, Bodycote

Defining and Executing Your Information Strategy
Jan Henderyckx

"Jan has excellent knowledge of the topic. He has helped to bring the subject matter to life – much more so than any methodology type texts."

Stuart Nicol, Head of Applications, Scottish Parliament

"This seminar was an eye opener and a beginning of a discovery."

Jurly Skopels, Data Architect, Control Risks

"Excellent delivery, well read, experienced and a pleasure to listen to."

Dr Adrianos Evangelidis, Information Management Group Manager, The Scottish Government

"Jan has a strong knowledge and experience in the field."

Mr Abdulaziz Almajed, IT Development Manager, Qiya

Agile Requirements: Collaborating to Define and Confirm Needs
Ellen Gottesdiener

"I rank the training on agile requirements as one of the best and most useful courses I have taken in my career. Ellen provided us with great simple material that I can use in my daily work and explained the principles of agile methodology in a simple and understandable way."

Simona Gilardi, Senior Business Analyst, S Gilardi GmbH

Red Arrow Conference Testimonials

Data Governance Conference Europe

"This is an excellent Conference with excellent, relevant speakers."
Dagna Gaythorpe, Consultant

"Best DQ/DG/MDM/CDI event I have attended - both from quality and relevance of presentations and attendance from end user organisations who wanted to learn and network."
Andrew Brooks, HP

"Overall a very useful Conference. Great speakers, lot's of practical information."
Mark Simpson, Information Manager - Governance, World Vision

"I really enjoyed the case studies that combined the recommendations of the consultant with the implementation in practice at the end user site. Let's have more like this please!"
Toni McDerment, Enterprise Data Architect, Reuters

"A very good, well run event - I particularly liked the fact that the sessions were 1 hour long which I felt was just right to keep everyone interested and energised!"
Debra Ogden, Lead Data Modeller, Barclays Bank

"A well organised and valuable event which I hope will be the first of an annual series. This is an important topic and warrants this focus. I would also like to congratulate the conference organisers for what was a professionally planned and run event."
Nigel Turner, Head of Customer Management Practice, BT Design

"Great fun and good networking opportunities, well organised. Easy access to critical information for anyone involved in DG."
Helen Townsend, Enterprise Data Architect, Reuters

Master Data Management Summit Europe

"Very well organised, high quality presentations and good speakers."
Alan Kimberley, Principle EA, Orange PLC

"Thank you so much for organising such a comprehensive event and creating an environment for all of us around to meet each other."
Serdal Metin, Technology Director, Komtas

"An enjoyable and informative event providing excellent networking opportunities and valuable insights into the trends and technologies in the MDM and Data Governance markets."
Dave Bennett, Analyst, Morrisons

"Very good and practical approach, real life cases and presentations."
Maija Hamalainen-Nikula, Senior Manager, Nokia Ltd

"Successful event, good speakers and good venue."
Altug Seven, Manager, Turkcell

"Overall conference was well organised with all facilities in place, conference hosts made us feel welcomed and valued."
Nigel Turner, Head of Customer Management Practice, BT

"Really great conference. Learnt so much and it's good to get some straight talking."
Ron Nicholls, Data Quality Consultant, BT

"It was a very good opportunity to get/share information about the topics DMM, CDI and Data Governance. It was worthwhile attending the conference!"
Roland Christen, Application Architect, Credit Suisse

"Content and delivery of speeches kept me interested for the whole duration of the summit."
Michael Patino, Information Analyst, Marks & Spencer Money

"I believe that this conference is quite a success, especially bearing in mind that the field is still quite 'young' and hence one of the major success factors is that it caters to the novice and 'veteran' alike. I plan to come back for coming summits."
Maged Danial, Manager, CRM Solutions, Mobinil Egypt

"Very useful and enjoyable".
Nicola Askham, Manager Data Governance, Lloyds TSB

"It was good to hear a few key themes coming out from many of the speakers. These re-inforced that I am focussing on the correct areas within my organisation and offered insight and experience into approaches I should follow."
Rhona MacLennan, Chief Data and Services Architect, Scottish Widows

"Thanks! A very useful and interesting primer into MDM & CDI."
Nigel Megitt, Senior Technical Architect, BBC

"Just getting [into] the CDI space - What a way to get up to speed quickly and have access to other businesses in similar & more advanced positions as well as all the vendors in one place. "
Aidan Holton, General Manager, Irish Life & Permanent

"Very good event - very encouraging to see so many believing there is an opportunity to help Business (and make money) in delivering the long awaited promise of the 'information age."
Andrew Brooks, Data Quality Manager, T-Mobile

"Very interesting event, now I know that I'm not alone on that world talking a different language (something in between business and technical)."
Mr Ahmed El-Khazendar, Data Manager, Vodafone Egypt

"Very well organised and managed, good input from keynote speakers on industry direction, drivers and capabilities."
Mr Jonathan Cant, Global Data & Information Manager, Masterfoods

"Stimulating mixture of people - good to have user stories as well as vendors."
Mr Nigel Lewis, Data Architect, Yell

"Some very useful speakers and good opportunities to talk to other companies and the vendors - made some very useful contacts."
Mr Steve Jones, Data Architect, Barclays Bank

Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe

"A very interesting and thought provoking event - my first visit and I would want to return."
Charlie Anderson, Senior Manager IT Services, Fife Council

"Well organised and provided a good insight on EA. Will really benefit and add values for implementing an Enterprise level architecture across the Enterprise"
Ali Manzoor, Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

"Good diverse range of topics, lots of useful messages to take awa."
Mark Perry, Enterprise Architect, EDS

"Being both new to EA as well as a first time attendee, the conference has given me a lot to think about over the coming year. Very well done. Thanks and hope to see you all next year!"
Chris Broccoli, IT Architect, Telekurs Services

"An extremely well organised and produced conference, from pre registration and lasting throughout the 3 days. Excellent support staff - helpful, knowledgeable and friendly to boot! Excellent choice of topics and speakers, good use of time including offering lunch (great food) and the ability to network. This is the first EA conference I have attended outside the US, based on the useful insights it will certainly not be the last."
Joe Smith, Enterprise Architect, Information Dynamics

"Excellent and well prepared in advance. I will recommend all SA companies to come."
Tina Manyapelo, Snr Process Enterprise Architect, Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Ltd

"Perfect event if one wants to feel the pulse of EA. Excellent learning and networking forum."
Amitabh Apte, Enterprise Architecture Group, SITA

"I will be back! "
Jonas Reimer, Quality Engineer, Volvo

"Would highly recommend it to others."
Kouros Roshanzamir, Technical Architect, Freshfields

"Great Conference - especially the Tutorials and Keynotes."
Jan Christiansen, Chief Information Officer, NSB AS

"The Conference was very good and had a fantastic time catching up with so many great names in the industry."
Gleuto Serafim, Infrastructure Solutions Architect, Tecala Australia

"This was my first step on a long journey - but I now know what direction I should be going in!"
Steve Rees, Architect, SAS

"My first time attending an EA conference, and will be coming back. This conference has helped me understand the whole Enterprise Architecture from a business prospect."
Raj Kumar, Demand Analysis, GlaxoSmithKline

"Good opportunity to 'benchmark' others experience with ours. Well organised, aligned with today's and tomorrow's issues."
Gert Eijkelboom, De Nederlandsche Bank

"This is an excellent conference, and I would want to attend it next year. Extremely informative and useful for organisation implementing EA."
David Kwok, Assistant CIO for EA, Ministry of Defence, Singapore

"Useful to see many different approaches & interpretations of EA. Excellent Keynotes. Venue & Admin excellent."
Chris Eland, Developer, Consumers' Association

"Enjoyed it. John Zachman was excellent."
J G Rudman, Divisional Manager, Old Mutual

"Quite a lot of good arguments and ideas for EA."
Geir Owe Wærsland, Chief Engineer IT, Statoil

"An excellent introduction to EA. Very inspiring speakers. I feel I have acquired valuable knowledge for use when working with EA within my company."
Frode Torvund, Architect, Telenor

"Very enjoyable, interesting and useful."
Bob Marsh, Head of IT Strategies, Friends Provident

"I was pleased with the event as it enabled me to place much of the stuff I was doing in a taxonomy."
Glenn Fitzgerald, Senior Solutions Architect, Fujitsu

"Speakers overall great, consistent, interesting and passionate about the subject."
Andy Holloway, IT Manager, Ernst & Young

"Was good exposure to EA, Well managed, excellent facilities, smooth, good time management."
John Hayden, Group Enterprise Architect, ABSA Bank

"Very useful. Thanks."
Michael Rothwell, Business Analyst, Highways Agency

"Excellent Opportunity to meet people."
Charlie Schoefield, Senior Technical Architect, MTV Networks Europe

"Very good to listen to and meet some of the industries gurus and talk to people who are 'in the same boat'."
John Lucas, Change Management Consultant, Norwich union

"Very good, good overview, good mixture of theory, visions and practice."
Oswald Schnappinger, Head of Architecture Group, Wacker Chemie GmbH

"Very useful and thought provoking event."
John Page, Enterprise Architect, EDS

"Excellent. Provided good mix of theoretical & practical implementation of EA concepts."
Ryszard Jedrzejewski, Enterprise Architect, National Australia Group

"Overall really good quality speakers."
Christer Segerlund, IT STartegist, BGC

"Going away with pragmatic ideas & techniques to try out. Lots of food for thought. Facilities excellent - food excellent - location excellent."
Hassan Sheikh, Application Services Manager, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

"I thought the event was excellent. As a business we have just initiated a project to define an EAF. This conference has helped enormously in arming me with the necessary ammunition to sell the benefits of EA to the business. It did well in putting EA in context - however I believe there are outstanding issues with regards to ROI - is the market & senior management ready for initiatives / philosophies that do not have hard benefits? I thought the speakers were excellent - and it was content rich almost to the point of overload!"
Stephen Osborne, Data Analyst, HM Prisons Service

Business Process Management Conference Europe

"Wanted something practical that I could take away and implement immediately - and I got it from this conference! Enjoyed the mix of case studies and easy to implement 'advice'."
Lee-Anne Pienaar, Business Process Manager, Sanlam Investment Management

"It is a great event."
Jamal Almstafa, IT Manager, EDCO/Jordan

"High calibre of speakers."
Niall Healy, Administrative Officer, Cork County Council

"Good networking opportunities. Good mix of Business and IT people."
Christopher Bradley, Business Consulting Manager, IPL

"Many of the best speakers on the topic plus many practitioners willing to share their experiences & insights. Top Notch Event."
Brett Champlin, President, ABPMP

"Very useful event - gained a lot of information on key topics that are of immediate relevance to me."
Rob Davis, Principal Consultant, BT

"I appreciated the number of case studies and the knowledge sharing that took place."
Anne Salates, F Hoffman La Roche

"Eclectic yet good blend of topics, speakers and approaches. Highly educational and interactive."
Doug Kirkpatrick, The Celestia Group

Business Analysis Conference Europe

"Overall I was extremely pleased to attend the first IIBA conference. I have collected significant insight and ideas for reference to my work place."
Jonathan Mallet, Head of BA team, RBS

"Learnt a lot and leaving with plenty of ideas for making changes in my organisation."
Corrine Thomas, BA Team Manager, Skandia

"Excellent value, lots of good information and learning gathered."
Pauline Pettigrew, BA, Scottish Police Authority

"Some very good speakers and great chance to network."
Geoff Butler, BA, Barclaycard

"I really enjoyed the variety and choice that was provided at the event - from subject matter presentations to real business examples to certification and career path advice."
Amit Gupta, Team Lead, Lloyds

"Found the conference and topics covered really useful for gaining greater insight into the role of BA's in different companies. Great to hear about the work being done to raise the profile as a profession/emphasise the value and importance of business analysis."
Katie Kerr, Senior BA, American Express

"Very pleased that this happened, good that such a broad and interesting range of speakers could be attracted. Very much enjoyed it and got a lot of value."
Willam Kendal, BA, IPREO

"Great first conference! Things can only get better from here. The organisation and planning was brilliant."
Drew Lark, Senior BA, Swinton Insurance

"Very successful, the conference was suited to all business analysts whatever their level of experience in the profession."
Stacey Lowman, M+G

"Overall the conference was extremely useful and look forward to the next one!"
Vanessa von Waldow, BA, European Central Bank

"Very useful event and would recommend to colleagues."
Anusha Nathwani, BA Manager, Orange

"Excellent, inspiring speakers - I've learnt lots."
Jo Sanderson, BA, Government UK

"Huge Success! Well done. I can't wait for next year's Conference."
Tammi Chua, BA, QA Ltd

Data Management, Information Quality and DWBI Conferences Europe

"This conference has breadth and depth of what you need to know about the latest trends in data management, BI, Info Quality. Would certainly recommend others to attend."
Cass Jwee Cheong Chay, Singapore General Hospital

"I would attend this event over and over again. It's worth all the effort! I must commend the organiser for a well done job. So far, this event marks the best of conference experiences in the past 10 years."
Abraham Afolabi, Data Manager, EC Harris LLP

"I was glad to find like minded professionals confirm several decisions I have made. Also glad to find several thought provoking and extremely useful nuggets that I can take back with me." Overall value of event - 10/10.
Chris Duffield, Principal Developer, Transport for London

"Some great subjects; good to meet/discuss with people". Overall value of event - 9/10.
Andy Moore, Process Specialist, Rolls-Royce

"Excellent Organisation, Friendly, helpful staff. Good balance between sessions & breaks."
Babara Erninck, Process Information Manager, EANDIS

"A very enjoyable and useful event. This is the first conference I have attended but I would certainly like to attend further conferences. The venue and staff were excellent and it was very well organised."
David Jordan, Data Analyst, Land Registry

"The event was very energising... seeing other companies on the same journey, with the same issues was good to see. Some good take always... nuggets that will be employed back at work. Enjoyable event."
David West, Group Data Architect, Barclays Bank

"Very good content, management of event, attention to details. Very good information. Some exceptional speakers and experts in the technology space."
Bikram Das, Head of Tech Services, EMEA, TCS

"As a representative of 'end-users' the event gave me an insight to the world of IM/DM/IQ specialists with whom I communicate in my work."
Kai Penttila, Senior Specialist, Orion Pharm

"Really worthwhile". Overall value of event - 9/10.
Ian Stone, Data Architect, Prudential

"Extremely well organized, lectures were thought provoking. Many ideas I will take back to my organization. A lot more I now want to read about. I will recommend this conference to more business units next year. Thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Neil Shah, Information & Data Risk Analyst, Capital one Bank

"Excellent, would recommend to any IQ professional. Gets better every year."
Garry Manser, Associate Director IQ, Bank of Scotland Corporate

"Just what is needed! As ever a refreshing and wider view of information quality in the business."
Nic Jefferis, Data Manager, National Savings & Investments

"Entertaining and some good points to take away."
Simon Daniels, Manager, Worldwide Marketing Data Strategy, Progress Software

"Quality of speakers and content made this a valuable course in both practical and thought provoking ways."
Lee Farndell, BI and Data Warehouse Consultant, Siemens

"Good talk - Demonstrated need for good master data very well."
Joe Walton, Computer Scientist, DoD, USA

"Conference was very informative. It was the first time I have attended but I can assure you it will not be the last. The standard of speakers was extremely high & the debates between speakers was innovative. The venue was excellent."
S McCahy, MOD

"The great strength of this conference is the number & variety of presentations/speakers. The big weakness of this conference is that I can't get to all the presentations I want to!"
Martin Willcox, Snr Architect, Co-op Group

"Very Good Value"
Brian Papworth, Data Services manager, Alliance & Leicester

"The event was full of relevant ideas & theories that are crucial to the ones intellectual development."
Rute Felix, Data Manager, Caixa Gerai Depositos

"Two very good tutorials (M.B. & A.S.) which re-enforced my own knowledge & the work we are doing within our particular area of MOD."
Martin Richley, Head of Data Coherence, D Information (Army)

"Excellent. Well worth while. As a DBA, it was a valuable overview of the world that I support."
Peter Robson, Database Administrator, British Geological Survey

"Finally moving away from IT focus & now strongly into involving business managers. Lots of good advice & examples to demonstrate the usefulness & applicability of IQ & DM."
Alan Snow, BI Consultant, Ordina

"As usual these tutorials give unrivalled access to experts in their field, & I have gone away with brain in overdrive, thinking of all the things I want to do when I get back to the office. The hotel is good also. I look forward to coming again next year."
Kate Streatfield, Project Manager, GNER

"Excellent opportunity to meet other professionals working in the same field as me. Obtained some really good ideas & food for thought for me to take back to my company. Can't wait for next year!"
V Peacock, HO Intelligent Customer Information, Abbey

"Good Case Studies."
Steve Tyler, e-business, Rolls-Royce

"I would never miss it! The best conference I've been to. Very inspirational. I went to my first IQ conference in 1998 & said it might change my life and it has!"
Kathy Hunter, InfoAdvantage Ltd

"A packed 3 days, full of learning both from the experiences of others, & from questions posed in the sessions."
Vicky Poulson, Data Architect, Barclays Bank

"On the whole it was 3 days well spent. Very well organised."
Claire Parry, Information Manager, Chelmsford Borough Council

"Variety of content was great."
Diana Joseph, Information Quality Management, Old Mutual

"Absolutely Superb."
Alastair Noble, Bank of America

"Thoroughly recommended, I would encourage all Information Management professionals to attend whether expert or novice."
David Evans,Senior Infomration management Consultant, BT

"Excellent! A very educational conference."
Filip Van Hallewijn, Information Quality Management, Belgacom

"Definitely worth attending, I learned a lot."
Ian Sinclair, DQ Manager, MOD

"Good diversity of topics - good quality of speakers - experts in the field. Information was at the right level - at a level that was useful! Great wide spectrum of speakers - very knowledgeable on their subject area."
Patricia Graham, Systems Director, Prudential Financial

"Definitely be attending in future years & will be encouraging colleagues to attend."

Speaker: John Zachman
Zachman International
John Zackman

Speaker Biography

John A. Zachman is the originator of the "Framework for Enterprise Architecture" which has received broad acceptance around the world as an integrative framework, or "periodic table" of descriptive representations for Enterprises. He is not only known for this work on Enterprise Architecture, but is also known for his early contributions to IBM's Information Strategy methodology as well as to their Executive team planning techniques.

Mr. Zachman retired from IBM in 1990, having served them for 26 years. He is Chief Executive Officer of the Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA), an organization dedicated to advancing the conceptual and implementation states of the art in Enterprise Architecture. He also operates his own education and consulting business, Zachman International.

Speaker: Rick van der Lans, R20/Consultancy
Rick van der Lans, R20/Consultancy

Speaker Biography

Rick F. van der Lans is an independent consultant, author and lecturer specialising in Internet, XML, data warehousing, and application integration. He is Managing Director of R20/Consultancy based in The Netherlands. Rick has advised many large companies worldwide on defining their Internet, client/server, and data warehouse architectures.

Rick van der Lans is an internationally acclaimed lecturer. For the last twelve years, he has been presenting professionally, and has lectured in many of the European countries, South America, the USA, and in Australia. He has presented many keynote speeches at international events.

He is chairman of the Database Systems Show (organised annually in The Netherlands since 1984), he is columnist for two major newspapers in the Benelux, called Computable and DataNews. Additionally, he is advisor for magazines such as Software Release Magazine and Database Magazine.

His popular books, including 'Introduction to SQL' and 'The SQL Guide to Oracle', have been translated into many languages and have sold over 100,000 copies. Recently, he has published a very successful book on presentation skills.

Speaker: Eva Wohlén
IRM Sweden
Eva Wohlen

Speaker Biography

Eva Wohlén has vast experience and accumulated knowledge in the analysis of organizations' enterprise architecture and development of better processes. Eva is a consultant and presenter for IRM Sweden.

Speaker: Eric Quist
IRM Sweden
Eric Quist

Speaker Biography

Eric Quist works as a solution architect, taking enterprise architectures and requirement specifications to solutions and implementation of SOA-projects in many different businesses, both in private companies and the public sector. Eric develops methods and acts as an instructor for IRM Sweden.

Speaker: Ronald Ross
Ronald Ross

Speaker Biography

Ronald G. Ross serves as Executive Editor of and its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences world-wide. Mr. Ross is recognized internationally as the "father of business rules." He is Co-Founder of Business Rule Solutions, LLC and is the author of eight professional books. His newest are: Business Rule Concepts (2005), a 2nd edition of his popular, easy-to-read 1998 handbook, and Principles of the Business Rule Approach, Addison-Wesley (2003).

Speaker: Roger Burlton
Process Renewal Group
Roger Burlton

Speaker Biography

Roger T Burlton is the founder of Process Renewal Group and the author of 'Business Process Management: Profiting from Process'. He is considered an industry leader in the introduction of innovative approaches for organizational change. He is recognized internationally for his contributions in Business Process Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Strategic Architecture Alignment, Prototyping and people based Project Management Methodologies. He is regarded as a realistic practitioner, who delivers pragmatic solutions for his clients.

An exceptional speaker, he has chaired several high profile conferences on Advanced Business and Information Management around the world, including the BPMG Tenth Annual Process Management Conference, Process and Knowledge Management Europe, the National BPR Conference, DCI's Knowledge Management Conferences, Software World, and The Executive Summit. To date, he has conducted over five hundred seminars and has presented to over twenty thousand professionals. His seminars have been translated for audiences around the globe.

Speaker: Kathy Long
Process Renewal Group
Kathy Long

Speaker Biography

Kathy Long is a member of the Process Renewal Group. She has over seventeen years of experience. She has spoken at several conferences around the world, including the BPM Conference, Enterprise Architecture Conference, the Business Rules Forum and the European BPM Conference. To date she has conducted over 500 seminars and has presented to over 10,000 professionals around the globe.

Speaker: James Robertson
James Robertson, Atlantic Systems Guild

Speaker Biography

James Robertson is a consultant, teacher, author, project leader whose area of concern is the requirements for products, and the contribution that good requirements make to successful projects. James is a leading proponent of the principle of introducing creativity into the requirements process. His controversial article "Eureka: Why Analysts Should Invent Requirements" in IEEE Software has provoked heated discussion and has been widely quoted.

Before becoming a systems engineer, James trained as an architect and his experience in that profession provides inspiration for his work on innovation and creativity. He is co-author of Mastering the Requirements Process, Second Edition (Addison-Wesley 2006), Requirements-Led Project Management (Addison-Wesley 2005) and the Volere approach to requirements engineering. He is also a principal and founder of The Atlantic Systems Guild, a think tank known for its research into new systems engineering techniques.

Speaker: Suzanne Robertson
Suzanne Robertson, Atlantic Systems Guild

Speaker Biography

Suzanne Robertson is co-author of Mastering the Requirements Process, Second Edition (Addison-Wesley 2006) a book that provides guidance on finding requirements and writing them so that all the stakeholders can understand them. Her other requirements book, Requirements-Led Project Management (Addison-Wesley 2005) addresses how to use requirements as input to planning and management. She is also co-author of the Volere approach to requirements engineering.

She has more than 30 years experience in systems specification and building. Her courses on requirements, systems analysis, design and problem solving are well known for their innovative workshops and practical applicability. Current work includes research and consulting on finding and involving the right stakeholders, the building of requirements knowledge models and running audits for assessing requirements specifications. She is a principal and founder of The Atlantic Systems Guild and is founding editor of the Requirements column in IEEE Software magazine.

Speaker: Chris Potts
Chris Potts

Speaker Biography

Chris Potts has been called "the world's leading thinker on IT investments". He has 22 years experience in corporate, business and IT strategies, investment management, Enterprise Architecture and delivery. Chris is hailed as an expert in his field by, is a member of the Strategic Planning Society and of Computer Weekly's Strategy Clinic panel. He is the author of the business novel 'fruITion: creating the ultimate corporate strategy for Information Technology'.

Speaker: Michael Blackstaff

Speaker Biography

Michael Blackstaff is a leading teacher of finance to IT (and other non-financial) decision makers. His latest published book is 'Finance for IT Decision Makers, 2nd Edition'. His courses and books encapsulate in plain English his thirty years experience of the IT industry and its customers. He is a chartered accountant and a member of the British Computer Society.

Speaker: Graeme Simsion
Graeme Simsion

Speaker Biography

Graeme Simsion has over twenty five years experience as a consultant and CEO of a successful consultancy. After working as an internal consultant, managing a technical team, he founded Simsion Bowles and Associates in 1982. He built the consultancy to some seventy staff in three capital cities, selling to a US company in 1999, and then working as a business unit manager within that company for a further two years.

Since then he has continued to consult and to deliver education in Australia, North America and Europe, drawing on his experience to help consultancies and consulting teams to perform better. His one-day consulting skills workshop has regularly been voted "best presentation" at major conferences in the UK and the US, and he is the developer and presenter of the postgraduate course in Professional Consulting at the University of Melbourne.

Graeme's technical background includes business and information systems planning, business process design and data management. He is the author of two books on data modelling and holds postgraduate qualifications in both information systems and business administration and a popular presenter at industry and academic forums.

Speaker: Bill Inmon
Inmon Consulting Services
Bill Inmon, Inmon Consulting Services

Speaker Biography

Bill Inmon - known as the father of the data warehouse - has written 47 books and over 1000 articles. Bill's books have been translated into 9 languages. Bill has a weekly newsletter with b-eye-network of over 55,000 recipients. Bill holds 8 software patents.

Speaker: Steve Hoberman
Steve Hoberman

Speaker Biography

Steve Hoberman is a world-recognized innovator and thought-leader in the field of data modelling. He has worked as a business intelligence and data management practitioner and trainer since 1990, and is a popular and frequent presenter at industry conferences, both nationally and internationally. Steve is a columnist and frequent contributor to industry publications, as well as the author of Data Modeler's Workbench and Data Modeling Made Simple. He is the founder of the Design Challenges group and inventor of the Data Model Scorecard™.

Speaker: Larry English
Information Impact International
Larry English, Information Impact International

Speaker Biography

Larry English, President and Principal of Information Impact International, Inc, Brentwood, TN, is an internationally recognised speaker, teacher, consultant and author in information management. He specialises in analysing trends for effective implementation of IM and he is actively involved in all aspects of IM, including planning, organisation, modelling and methodology implementation.

Larry has provided advisory services and educational seminars widely across North America, Europe and Australia. He was Vice-President of an international consulting company and data administrator in a large publishing company, where he implemented an integrated approach to database application development.