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  Innovation, Business Change, and Technology Forum Europe 2017
21-22 March 2017, London
  Data Governance Conference Europe 2017
15-18 May 2017
10th Annual Conference
  Master Data Management Summit Europe 2017
15-18 May 2017
In Association with The MDM Institute
12th Annual Conference
  Business Analysis Conference Europe 2017
In Association with the IIBA UK Chapter
25-27 September 2017, London
  Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2017
16-19 October 2017, London
  Business Process Management Conference Europe 2017
16-19 October 2017, London
In Association with BPTrends
  Business Intelligence & Analytics Conference Europe 2017
20-23 November 2017, London
  Enterprise Data Conference Europe 2017
20-23 November 2017, London
Sponsorships & Exhibits
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Public Seminars
  Architecture & Strategy
   Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Modelling Workshop Zachman Certification
  Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture
  Business Analysis
   Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation
   Working with Business Processes: Discovery, Assessment, Mapping, Analysis and Design
  Mastering the Requirements Process
  Mastering Business Analysis
  Enterprise Data Management
  Ten Steps to Data Quality
  Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop and NoSQL in BI Systems and Data Warehouses
  Managing Your Information Asset
  Predictive & Advanced Analytics
  Building an Enterprise Data Lake & Data Refinery for Enterprise Data as a Service
  Business-Oriented Data Modelling
  Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency, and Complexity
  The Logical Data Warehouse - Design, Architecture, and Technology
  Information Management Fundamentals
  Data Modelling Fundamentals
  Data Modelling Masterclass
In-house Seminars
  In-House IT Management Training Catalogue
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