3 Day Seminar

Business Architecture:
The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation

Roger Burlton

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Business Architecture is.

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6-8 March 2017, London
27-29 November 2017, London
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Many Senior Business Analysts and Enterprise Architects are striving to change how the business operates as the world changes around us in order to deliver better customer value and achieve better operational outcomes. Many are focused on defining improved digital capability and on enabling greater flexibility based on emerging customer journeys. We believe that Business Architecture is essential in this world. But, it must start by first addressing the performance of business operations end-to-end for customers and other stakeholders before it attempts to establish new capabilities. For Business Analysts and Architects this business-first approach provides incredible opportunity to become trusted change agents in their enterprises making a strategic difference. It requires them to learn new competencies and influencing skills. This session will help enable these agents of change by providing a repeatable methodology and common structural framework to tackle enterprise analysis and design as well as business process management and capability renewal. It will bring the business view to enterprise architecture. Real life illustrations will be provided that show how it works. In working sessions, it will give delegates the practice in key methods and techniques to develop the right Business Architecture deliverables.

There is no doubt that a solid core of all business processes and capabilities is needed to respond quickly to change and disruption, become more innovative, be better implement enterprise technologies and align all business resources. However, ultimately, it is about the business itself with many perspectives converging; being able to clearly articulate what we strive to accomplish (the ends) and what we have to build, connect and do (the means). Alignment among many moving parts characterizes this emerging practice. Alignment of the various perspectives within a practical Business Architecture and Business Change Portfolio will be our payoff.

Transformation initiatives need the content of the Business Architecture to select, scope, and execute business change projects. Stakeholder analysis and performance metrics as well as cultural assessment results will drive business analysis using models derived from the architecture. Analysis of measurement data traceable to the top of the business performance scorecard will help to find symptoms and causes of poor performance critical to realizing the business intent. Aligned implementation and change management plans can now be established and a cultural change program launched to ensure the business changes will stick.

This highly participative workshop will delve into all aspects of Business Architecture, Business Processes and Business Capabilities as well as other key architectural concepts.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what a useful Business Architecture looks like
  • Be able to apply enterprise-wide architecture models and techniques that are aligned and traceable
  • Learn how to sell the Business Architecture value proposition and gain cross-organization acceptance
  • Be able to develop a measurable architecture for planning, budgeting, organization design, compliance, human change management, and the introduction of breakthrough technologies
  • Be able to use the architecture to accelerate capability change projects
  • Discover how to address cultural barriers during architecture, business design and implementation

Special Features

  • Get ready for Disruptive Innovation
  • Continuously manage architecture as an asset of the enterprise through a governance framework
  • Align all programs of business change with IT and HR strategy
  • Build an connected measurement framework based on value for stakeholders and outcomes not just organization charts
  • Get a set of capabilities that are truly traceable to strategic intent
  • Be able to sell the concepts upward and reduce internal resistance to change
  • Learn a method that scales for both small and large organizations
  • Work with Roger Burlton; the most experienced pragmatist in this field

Course Outline

Why Business Architecture?

  • Response to Disruption and Innovation
  • Requirement for Business Agility

Business Architecture and Related Disciplines

  • Business Model canvas
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Business Architecture Frameworks
    • Zachman
    • TOGAF
    • BABOK
    • BIZBOK
    • BPTrends Associates

Business Architecture Methodology

  • Process Renewal Group Business Design method
  • Business Architecture Meta Model and Artifacts
  • Business Architecture Maturity

Workshop: What is your Architectural maturity?

Value Chain Identification and Architecture Scoping

  • Whole company vs internal group scope?
  • All value chains or one?
  • Cross company Value chains
  • Internal shared services
  • The Value Chain’s Value Proposition?

Workshop: What Value Chains do you have and what is your Value Proposition?

External Environment Assessment

  • External Pressures, opportunities and Threats
  • Business Scenario Models

Workshop: What are the External Pressures on your business?

External Stakeholder Analysis

  • Stakeholder Classification
  • Stakeholder Context Diagram and Health Assessment
  • Stakeholder Needs, Expectations, Outcomes and Experiences
  • Measuring Stakeholder Relationships: Goals, KPIs and Objectives
  • Consolidating your North Star Outcomes

Workshop: Who are your stakeholders and what must we be able to deliver for them?

Business Strategy Development

  • Business Motivation Model: Ends and Means
  • Strategy Maps
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Architecture Landscape

Workshop: What are the Strategies for the Value Chain?

Business Semantics: The Basis for Information Models

  • Business Vocabulary
  • Concept and Information Model
  • Glossary of Terms

Workshop: What is your Concept Model and Rules?

Business Process Architecture

  • Stakeholder and Asset Process cycles
  • Consolidating cycles into an externally focussed Process Architecture
  • Business Process Frameworks
  • Finalizing the Process Architecture
  • Examples of Architectures
  • Modeling Standards (IGOE, BPMN, CMMN)

Workshop: What are the Process cycles for your Value Chain and what are the End-to-end Processes of your business?

Business Performance Models

  • Characteristics of Good Performance Indicators
  • Lagging and Leading Indicators
  • Balanced Process Scorecards
  • Measurement Traceability
  • Associating Processes and Measures
  • Organization Structure and Accountability

Workshop: What is your Performance Scorecard?

Business Capabilities

  • What is a Capability?
  • Capability Modeling
  • Business Processes and Capability Connection
  • Finding Reusable Capabilities and Shared Services
  • The Burlton Capability Hexagon

Workshop: What are your Business Capabilities?

Alignment to Decisions, Knowledge, Policies and Rules

  • Decision Management
  • Policies and Business Rules
  • The Operational Decision Questions Hierarchy
  • Decision Management and Notation (DMN)
  • Re Designing Decision Processes

Workshop: What are your critical Decisions and Business Rules?

Alignment of Business Architecture with IT Architecture and Enablement

  • Information Models
  • SOA
  • BPMS
  • BRMS
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • ERP

Workshop: How do your IT Capabilities support your Processes?

Alignment with Human Capabilities and Enablement

  • Work Guidelines
  • Competencies
  • Motivation, Behavior and Culture
  • Structural and Cultural Maturity

 Workshop: What is your Cultural Maturity Level?

Portfolio Management

  • The North Star (operational goals and objectives) to Establish Ideal Value
  • Using Performance Data to Evaluate Performance Gaps
  • Pain- Gain Analysis for Prioritization
  • Priorities: Grids and Heat Maps
  • Defining the Portfolio of Change

Workshop: What are your Change Priorities?

Leveraging the Architecture into a Business Change Portfolio

  • Using the Business Architecture Models in Business Change
  • Scoping a Change Project

Workshop: Scoping a Project

Sustaining the Architecture through Governance

  • Governance Maturity & Framework Options
  • Illustrations of what others have done
  • Architecture Sustainment - CoE Support


  • A Maturity Based Rollout Strategy
  • Lessons Learned

This class will be of benefit to professionals and managers of all types involved with planning and designing organizational change and building business capability to adapt and innovate continuously.

  • Business Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Process Architects
  • Process Improvement Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Strategic Planners
  • IT Architects
  • Business Operations Managers
  • IT Executives
  • Anyone else concerned with designing Business Change programs
IIBA Accreditation
The International Institute of Business

This course, Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation, is a course endorsed by the IIBA and registered under BPTrends Associates, an IIBA Endorsed Educational Provider.  The course is aligned with the BABOK v2.0.  By attending this course you will earn 24 PDs (Professional Development hours) or 24 CDUs (Continuing Development Units).

Presenter Biography

Roger T Burlton, P.Eng., CMC

Roger T Burlton, P.Eng., CMC, is the co-founder of BPTrends Associates, the services arm of the BPM knowledge portal BPTrends.com and the author of the thought leading book 'Business Process Management: Profiting from Process'. He is considered the industry leader in the introduction of realistic ways of implementing enterprise BPM programs as well as innovative approaches for organizational and process change. He is the author of the ‘Business Process Manifesto’ which is now available in fourteen languages. He is regarded as a realistic practitioner, who delivers pragmatic solutions for his clients. He has helped over one hundred organizations implement BPM as a corporate strategy in many different industries, countries and cultures.

An exceptional speaker, he has chaired over forty high profile conferences on Advanced Business Process Management around the world. To date, he has conducted over seven hundred seminars and has presented to over sixty thousand professionals. His seminars have been translated for diverse audiences around the globe.

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Register On-line:
6-8 March 2017, London
27-29 November 2017, London

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6-8 March 2017
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27-29 November 2017
VENUE: etc.venues Marble Arch  
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86 Edgware Rd,
London W2 2EA
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7793 4200

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Presenter: Roger Burlton
Roger T Burlton, P.Eng., CMC

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