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Ten Steps to Data Quality
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Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency, and Complexity
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"John Zachman gave me an excellent insight into the way EA practitioners think and operate, enabling me to express an organisation (as business architecture models) in their language."

Matthew Brown, Managing Director, Proforma UK Ltd

"The enthusiasm, energy and breadth of experience remain, as ever, infectious and mesmerising. Your continued support for John over the last few years is clearly appreciated and probably instrumental in his continuing to return to the UK. Further workshop and/or seminar opportunities are eagerly anticipated. This week has been money very well spent."

Rob Austen, Managing Director, Austen Consultancy Services Ltd

"An excellent seminar. John shares his keen intuition for and understanding of the nature of enterprise architecture."

Chris Partridge, Chief Ontologist, BORO Solutions Limited

"The explanation of the framework itself and the meaning of the components were most helpful."

Andreja Korosec Rebula, Consultant, IPMIT d.o.o.

"Excellent first hand explanation. Very powerful."

Marco van Leeuwen, Process Architect, Van Lanschot Bankiers

"Many wide ranging examples to demonstrate why. Engaging and entertaining."

Andre Gauthier, Technical Consultant, Gauthier Services

"Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Passionate."

Simon Bathie, Group IS Programme Plan Manager, MBDA UK

"Engaging and charismatic."

Mark Luxton, Systems Manager, Bank of Scotland Treausry

"He designed the Framework. Nobody can deliver the same quality of lecture as John."

Kitty Hung, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Metropolitan Police Service

"Very enthusiastic which helps deliver the message successfully."

David Bowley, Technical Architect - Applications, ING Direct


Nandni Shivahare, Information Architecture Manager, PITO

"An excellent overview of the subject matter."

Gareth Mitchell, Senior Consultant, dunnhumby

"Excellent, informative, interesting and challenging."

Paul Downs, Head of IT Infrastructure, Carphone Warehouse

"John Zachman presents a very compelling argument, that is, every organisation needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive."

Jane Stewart, BT Cellnet

"An excellent and inspiring seminar - we will return to work and start immediately. I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm."

David Harrison, Senior Consultant, Ordnance Survey

"An excellent course. All CEOs and CIOs should attend."

Morag Clark, Data Architecture Manager, Severn Trent Water

4-Day Seminar & Workshop

Zachman Enterprise Architecture:
Modelling Workshop Zachman Certification

John Zachman Click here to hear John give a short overview of this seminar.

We are really pleased to let you know that we have a John Zachman interview and Q & A Session on our YouTube channel - We have split it into 4 parts and it is over 80 minutes of John at his charismatic best. Once you have watched the video we are sure that you will be very interested in attending his seminar!

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28 February-3 March 2017, London
19-22 September 2017, London

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Enterprise Architecture is fundamental for enabling an enterprise to assimilate internal changes in response to the external dynamics and uncertainties of the information age environment. It not only constitutes a baseline for managing change, but also provides the mechanism by which the reality of the enterprise and its systems can be aligned with management intentions.

This newly revised four day seminar and workshop, based on the recently released Zachman Framework V3.0, for the first time incorporates actual modelling experience.  The modelling workshop is based on actual Enterprise experience and is designed to give the participants hands-on experience creating both “Primitive” (architecture) models as well as “Composite” (implementation) models.

The seminar and workshop will prepare delegates for both levels of the Zachman Certified- Enterprise Architect program: Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Associate (Level1) and Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect Professional (Level 2).

The certification fee (both Level 1 & Level 2) is included in the registration fee.  The “Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect” examination is a two hour, on-line examination that upon passing, results in the award of Enterprise Architect Associate (Level 1) Certification.  Delegates will then subsequently be awarded the Enterprise Architect Associate (Level 2) Certification upon submitting a case study.

This is a very exclusive certification program. If you want to understand the “Complexity & Contradiction” in Enterprise Architecture and are struggling to manage a non-adaptive enterprise and dysfunctional systems, this will be an important experience!

Learning Objectives

  • A sense of urgency for aggressively pursuing Enterprise Architecture
  • A comprehensive definition (description) of Enterprise Architecture
  • Differentiation of Enterprise Architecture from Systems Implementation
  • Creating Enterprise Strategy Models which form the basis for Enterprise Architecture
  • Differentiation of Ontology from Methodology
  • Utilizing Enterprise Architecture for operational decision making
  • A strategy for reducing “time-to-market” for systems implementations to virtually zero
  • Strategy for integration beyond jurisdiction (Interoperability)
  • Architectural Principles for meeting enterprise requirements
  • Ensuring traceability across the artifacts for impact analysis and change management
  • BPM, SOA, BI, MDA, ITIL, etc. in the context of the Zachman Framework

Course Outline

Setting the Context for Enterprise Architecture (EA)

  • Contribution of IT People to an Information Age Enterprise
  • Global Environment: Escalating Complexity and Escalating Change
  • Applying the Concept of Mass-Customization to the Enterprise

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (The Zachman Framework V3.0)

The Zachman Framework is perhaps the most referenced in the industry.  This session provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about its concept and utility, directly from the man who developed it. The just released V3.0 will be discussed.

  • Definition of Enterprise Architecture
  • The Zachman Framework – Architecture Is Architecture Is Architecture
  • Ontogies Versus Methodologies

Workshop:  What’s Wrong with My Architecture?

Workshop:  Creating Enterprise Strategy Models Using Row 1 Primitives

Case Study:  Creating Composite Strategy Models Using Business
Motivation (BMM) and Balanced Scorecard

Enterprise Engineering
  • Models from My Bookshelf – 75 years of experience (Implementation, Composite Models)
  • The Elegance of Primitives (Their essential contribution)
  • Enterprise Entropy – Removing Internal Cost of Operations   
  • Enterprise Engineering Design Objectives
     Alignment, Integration, Reusability, Flexibility, Interoperability
  • Reducing Cycle Time from Order to Implementations (Mass-Customization)

Workshop: Deconstruct Business Process Model (BPMN) using Framework Principles

Case Study:  Creating Multiple Target Models

Case Study:  Component Modelling Using UML 2.0 for Business Domain

Implementation Practicalities
  • “Federated Architecture” (Integrating Beyond Jurisdictional Boundaries)
  • Migrating from Legacy to Architecture

Workshop:  Using Primitives to create horizontal Integration and Vertical Transformation

Case Study:  Application Rationalization Using Primitives

Workshop:  Creating Metrics and the Necessary Enterprise Models for Meeting Enterprise Goals

Workshop:  Identify Framework Cells for Given Enterprise Problem Definitions

Strategies for Constraining the Modelling to Fit the Time Constraints

Mock Test:  Preparation for the On-Line Certification Examination


The seminar is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline including non-information disciplines as well as information disciplines. Although it is addressing technology issues, it is not a "technical" seminar. It addresses the subjects that both enterprise professionals and information professionals must understand to operate effectively in collaboration in the Information Age environment.

Further, the seminar is appropriate for both management and non-management professionals. For management it clarifies the issues for decision purposes and enables more meaningful dialogue with and among the technology community. For operations professionals, it establishes the context for developing improved approaches and implementation strategies.

Typical delegates include:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Information Systems Management
  • Data, Applications, Technology Management
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Data, Applications, Technology Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Business, Systems Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Strategic Planners


  • Domain / Business knowledge.
  • Experience in running and managing a department or business unit.
  • Ability to map the domain specific language (terminology) to the architecture specific language.
  • Architecture specification principles such as abstraction, refinement, composition, modelling, etc.
  • Experience in creating models (free hand or using a tool like MS Office or UML/BPMN).

Speaker Biographies

John Zachman

John A. Zachman is the originator of the "Framework for Enterprise Architecture" which has received broad acceptance around the world as an integrative framework, or "periodic table" of descriptive representations for Enterprises. He is not only known for this work on Enterprise Architecture, but is also known for his early contributions to IBM's Information Strategy methodology as well as to their Executive team planning techniques.

Mr. Zachman retired from IBM in 1990, having served them for 26 years. He is Chief Executive Officer of Zachman International, an Enterprise dedicated to the advancement of the state of the art in Enterprise Architecture in support of Enterprise Engineering and Manufacturing. He has written over 60 major articles on the subject. His website is

Cort Coghill Director of FEAC Education Operations, Cort Coghill is an industry professional with over 24 years of witnessing enterprise and project success as well as disorder. He has served in diverse roles during his career to include the U.S. Armed Services, U.S. Federal Civil Service and presently in the commercial sector in the Research and Development field. As a Zachman Certified Enterprise Architect (ZCEA) and EA educator he posses a broad appreciation for the challenges faced by individuals and organizations in trying to plan and collaborate for success. As a certified project manager, he engages on a broad range of projects both in size and scope. Cort is a long time Faculty member at The FEAC Institute, where he teaches both FEAF and DoDAF Certifications. Cort is one of the very few Zachman Certified Enterprise Architect Educators (Level 4) in the world. 

Seminar Fee
£1,995 + VAT (£399) = £2,394

Register On-line:
28 February-3 March 2017, London
19-22 September 2017, London

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28 February-3 March 2017
VENUE: etc.venues Marble Arch  
Garfield House,
86 Edgware Rd,
London W2 2EA
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7793 4200

19-22 September 2017
VENUE: etc.venues Marble Arch  
Garfield House,
86 Edgware Rd,
London W2 2EA
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7793 4200

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Speaker: John Zachman
Zachman International
John Zachman

Speaker: Cort Coghill
Cort Coghill

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Zachman Framework V3.0
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Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Modelling Workshop Zachman Certification
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Multiple Seminar Booking Discount
Attend more than one of our seminars and you will be entitled to the following discounts:

  • 2nd course 10%
  • 3rd course 15%
  • 4th course 20%
  • 5th+ course 25%

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  • 4-5 Delegates - 20%
  • 6+ Delegates - 25%

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