About Building and Using a Business Process Architecture:

"The course was excellent. It has greatly broadened my knowledge of Business Process Architecture."

Dr Colin Hand, Information Architect

"Excellent course. Roger really is an expert in this field and the course provided the right balance of theory and practical examples. There was lots of interaction to help you practice the techniques and some real quick wins you can take and use straight away."

Wendy Gell, Principal Business Analyst, Skandia

"Excellent overview of business process management. (Speaker was) very knowledgeable with lots of examples based on experience."

Corrine Thomas, Global Business Analyst, Vodafone Group

"Provided extremely relevant and pragmatic advice. Roger Burlton has an excellent combination of knowledge and experience."

Tim Tayler, Process Model Manager, Ministry of Defence

"Superb- kept audience attention for 100% of the time. Very logical and practical. Very methodical and easy to follow."

Alistair Masson, Business Process Analysis, Vodafone Corporate Limited.

About Working with Business Processes:

"The content of the course was perfect for me, I  gained clarity on business process, triggers and results.  Alec made the learning fun with a great blend of humour, involvement and time for reflection. The seminar was well structured and it flowed end to end. I had heard that Alec was a great presenter and I was not disappointed. I am about to commence a process driven change programme so I will be recommending my colleagues attend the seminar."

Malcolm Priestner, Senior Business Analyst, Met Office

"Quite simply the best seminar/training I have been on. Used techniques I’ve never seen used before to engage the audience, keep us entertained, help us learn and understand and ... make us laugh. His ability to remember names, our stories and questions is second to none – impressive! I was expecting great things and it delivered.!"

Susan Allan, Business Systems Manager, Wood Group PSN

"An engaging and informative coaching session, presented by a world-class expert, packed full of practical advice which I could start applying the very next day. Well recommended!"

Steven Price, Senior Solution Architect, Griffiths Waite

"Alec’s course gave a practical hands on approach to learning about working with business processes. I found the brown paper & post-its case studies really practical and they made it easy to understand and apply theory. Alec’s humour and infectious enthusiasm made the course great fun too, I can still find myself performing ‘process Tai Chi’ to explain the theory to colleagues!! J A very worthwhile use of my time – wished I’d gone much sooner!"

Simon Bailey, Senior Business Analyst, Syngenta

"Alec Sharp provides an exciting insight on how to work on mapping Business Processes. Working with Business Processes seminar contains many useful and concrete examples from the analysis done in several large companies."

Ole Markussen, Project Manager, DNB Livsforsikring

"Excellent! Great knowledge and teaching style."

Peter Jarvis, JP Morgan, Executive Director - Lead Business Architect

"Alec Sharp's 'Working with Business Processes' seminar is highly engaging, insightful and informative. It is applicable to all business roles, ranging from front-line to senior executive, due to its pragmatic approach to define, design and implement workflow and process improvement at all organizational levels to facilitate business transformation. The seminar also explores the fundamentals of business process analysis in correlation to organizational strategy, change and performance management which results in a holistic understanding of linkages and interdependencies. I recommend this seminar unequivocally."

Navneet Bhandal, Principal, Paradigm Change Consulting Inc


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Past Webinars

Business Analysis and Leadership
James Archer

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Building Business Change on Strong Foundations
Paul Turner

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Helping Stakeholders to Take a Step Back and Avoid the "Solution Illusion"
Adrian Reed

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Systems Thinking
Emma Langman, Progression Partnership
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How to Innovate Organisations
Michael Rosemann
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Business Process Architecture: Connecting Business Strategy to Business Requirements
Roger Burlton

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Let's Talk About the Architect!
Chris Potts

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About Mastering Business Analysis:

"Attending Mastering Business Analysis seminar brought me even closer to understanding what IT can do for business."

Gasper Babic, IT Account Manager for Comops, Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d.

"Very interesting and confirmed my beliefs of what a BA should be doing."

Kelly Newnham, Business Analyst, Scottish & Southern Energy

"Very good explanations when questions aired. Lots of real life examples too."

Claire Pearson, Business Process Analyst, AQA

About Business Rules and Decision Analysis Masterclass:

"This course gave me a good insight into the Business Rules methodology and was illustrated by practical examples. The book provides ongoing support as I translate the principles into practice."

Chas Cowie, Business Systems Analyst, DHL Global Forwarding

"Interactive. Listens. Provides real life examples."

Colin Woods, Technical Architect, Virgin Mobile

About Mastering the Requirements Process:

"Inspirational. Able to provide lots of examples to demonstrate theories and practices."

Zoey Moore, Business Project Manager, Aegon UK Services

"Good mix of lectures and workshops. Never felt bored - time flew. Very easy to listen to and obviously 'knew his stuff'".

Sharon Sane, Business Analyst, Aegon UK Services

"Suzanne's experience and enthusiasm was infectious!"

Eve Finney, Business Analyst, ING Direct

"Really well paced and easy to understand."

Peter Herring, Systems Analyst, Capstone Mortgage Services

"The flow followed that of the requirements process, was easy to relate to and follow."

Tom Jacobs, Business Analyst, Lloyds TSB

"Lively, knowledgeable, articulate - absolutely excellent."

Steve Coe, Requirements & Testing Manager, Department of Work & Pensions

"One of the best!"

Helena Bone, Senior Business Analyst, HBOS General Insurance

"Good theory, loaded up with solid practical experience. Excellently communicated and paced."

Ian James, Principal Consultant, Ordnance Survey

About About BPM Conference:

"Power Boost for the BPM-brain."

Jasper-Pieter Boon, Aegon Netherlands

"A first class conference. Every speaker I heard hit the mark in their own way."

Col. Giles Baxter, Directorate of Manning (Army), British Army

"Good to come out from own organisation, hear what’s going on outside, trends, best practices etc."

Heli Martikainen, Process Manager, Nokia IT

"Plenty of ideas and positive experiences gathered. Hopefully we will be capable to put the best of those in use in weeks or months, not years ."

Jaan Metsa, IT Process Framework Manager, Swedbank AS

"Excellent event, good cross section of speakers."

Joanne Mitchell, Consulting Manager, Birchman Group

About Business Analysis Conference:

"Very interesting, varied and well run event. My head is buzzing with ideas to take back to the workplace
from how to do analysis, to being creative and lots more."

Nicola Paterson, Lead Business Analyst, Syngenta

"Good atmosphere, most willing to engage and learn rather than lecture and impress."

Frank Rae, Senior Business Analyst, National Assembly for Wales

"Terrific! I suddenly feel like a valuable asset rather than an anomaly! The BA is best! And I will be recommending to
my manager that the whole team participates next year."

Mary Seddon, Business Analyst, Taylor & Francis Group

"Great forum for knowledge sharing and idea exchanges."

Timothy Hill, Principle Business Analyst, Virgin Media

"Excellent!!! Informative, inspiring and lots of fun."

Mel Gladwin, Business Change Consultant, UK Gov

"First time been and found it very informative and well organised."

Graham Brare, Principle Business Analyst, Vertex

"Worthwhile, will recommend to my colleagues."

Liona Sullivan, Senior Business Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Good to feel part of a community that cross organisations and countries."

Susie Hughes, Senior Business Analyst, Home Office - UKBA

"Good networking opportunities. Enjoyed the conference content. Gained new perspectives about business analysis."

Nicola Anoroutsos, Lead BA, PWC

"Very very good, well done!!"

Chris Jarvis, Principle Business Analyst, Vertex

"Very good event with thought provoking speakers."

Lynda Girvan, Business Analyst, UK Gov

"Have been the previous 2 years and found the conference extremely valuable."

Adrian Reed, Lead Business Analyst, Skandia

"Excellent speakers this year, thoroughly worthwhile."

Sarah Gait, Business Analyst, National Assembly for Wales

"It was very helpful and I am going back with lots of new ideas."

Sule Pasin Hoglam, Senior Analyst, Turkcell