"Best instructor of any course I have ever been on."

Trish Daniells, Designer, AA

"Superb. Really well paced and easy to understand."

Peter Herring, Systems Analyst, Capstone Mortgage Services

"He designed the Framework. Nobody can deliver the same quality of lecture as John."

Kitty Hung, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Metropolitan Police Service

"Suzanne's experience and enthusiasm was infectious."

Eve Finney, Business Analyst, ING Direct

"Excellent style and level of knowledge."

Damian Ward, Solutions Architect, LINK Interchange Network

"It was of the highest quality. Maintained a good balance between informing and giving examples to work out."

Sue McCahy, Information Analyst, Ministry of Defence

"One of the best and most relevant I"ve been on. Knowledgeable, great style and good sense of humour."

Ian Birdsey, Head of IS Customer Relationships, Co-operative Financial Services

"Extremely knowledgeable on topic and explains it really well."

Ann Brigdale, Data Quality Lead Specialist, Nationwide Building Society

"Very relevant to my role. Can"t wait to apply it and "sell" it within my company. Completely inspiring!"

Karen Willis, Business Analyst, Lloyds TSB

"Steve was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, humourous and a great instructor."

Jacqueline Tomlinson, Data Analyst, Pension Protection Fund

"Very knowledgeable, created easy atmosphere and added humour!"

Heather McCracken, Software Research Engineer, NCR

"Intense. Thought provoking!"

Iain Roy, General Manager, Service Management, Nuffield Hospitals

"Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Passionate."

Simon Bathie, Group IS Programme Plan Manager, MBDA UK

"Engaging and charismatic."

Mark Luxton, Systems Manager, Bank of Scotland Treasury

IRM UK Public Seminars, London

To Register:

Book on-line
E-mail customerservice@irmuk.co.uk
Telephone +44(0)20 8866 8366

IRM UK are currently presenting the following public seminars in London. For on-site training, please visit In-House Training.

PDF File IRM UK Public Courses 2017

Architecture & Strategy

Dot Zachman Enterprise Architecture: Modelling Workshop Zachman Certification
Speakers: John Zachman, Cort Coghill
28 February-3 March 2017, London
19-22 September 2017, London
Dot Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture
Speaker: Chris Potts
23-24 March 2017, London
30 November - 1 December 2017, London

Business Analysis

Dot Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation
Speaker: Roger Burlton
6-8 March 2017, London
27-29 November 2017, London
Dot Working with Business Processes:
Discovery, Assessment, Mapping, Analysis and Design

Speaker: Alec Sharp
9-10 March 2017, London
30 November - 1 December 2017, London
Dot Mastering the Requirements Process
Speaker: James Archer
14-16 March 2017, London
14-16 November 2017, London
Dot Mastering Business Analysis
Speaker: James Archer
28-29 March 2017, London

Enterprise Data Management

Dot Managing Your Information Asset
(previously entitled Defining & Executing Your Information Strategy)
Speaker: Jan Henderyckx
28 February - 2 March 2017, London
20-22 September 2017, London
Dot Data Modelling Fundamentals
Speaker: Steve Hoberman
14-15 March 2017, London
Dot Data Modelling Masterclass
Speaker: Steve Hoberman
16-17 March 2017, London
Dot Predictive & Advanced Analytics
Speaker: Mike Ferguson
28-29 March 2017, London
Dot Information Management Fundamentals
Speaker: Chris Bradley
28-30 March 2017, London
3-5 October 2017, London
Dot Building an Enterprise Data Lake & Data Refinery for Enterprise Data as a Service
Speaker: Mike Ferguson
30-31 March 2017, London
Dot Ten Steps to Data Quality
Speaker: Danette McGilvray
6-7 June 2017, London
2-3 November 2017, London
Dot Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop and NoSQL in BI Systems and Data Warehouses
Speaker: Rick F. van der Lans
13-14 June 2017, London
31 October - 1 November 2017, London
Dot The Logical Data Warehouse - Design, Architecture, and Technology
Speaker: Rick van der Lans
15-16 June 2017, London
Dot Business-Oriented Data Modelling
Speaker: Alec Sharp
9-10 October 2017, London
Dot Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency, and Complexity
Speaker: Alec Sharp
11-13 October 2017, London